Welcome to Sequoia Consulting

Sequoia Consulting is an unincorporated business held by James C. Armstrong, Jr. Most of my work has been developing proprietary system software, such as the event generator and log file scanner for Sun's SyMON product. Another recent project of mine is the architecture and server systems for SiteCentral, NetCenter's personal web page hosting system. I prefer to work on a lower level, away from user interfaces, but have been known to do a good job designing and implementing GUI's, too. Unfortunately, since most of my work is done under contract for different companies, you can't see the actual work. I have done some work for the public domain, such as the SportsStats database, below. I'm preparing a pergame database for ACC players, too.

James does not do business with the anyone in Kings County, California.

Some downloads are available here.

My personal webpage is at http://www.jamesarmstrong.com/.

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