I first visited Brussels in 1985, but did not take any pictures. I did take a few on my return in 2005.

The Blue Apple

I don't know what the blue apple meant, but it looked bizzare.

A few highlights were in scaffolding.

The Atomnium was a stop for us.
Rainbows in Light

I liked the rainbow formed by the light and the water.

This is a closeup of part of the atomnium.
Royal Palace

This is the royal palace. Time was so short we went whizzing by things, so I am lucky to get this picture.
Royal Palace

You can see some reflection artifacts from the bus window here.
The Gate

This is one of the triumph arches for Brussels.
Horses on the Gate

These horses were on top of the arch.
Emblem on the Gate

This is the emblem on the arch.
Statue One

There were four statues on the arch.
Statue Two

I am not sure what each represented.
Statue Three

But one thing I do know.
Statue Four

John Ashcroft would not have liked this one.
Stained Glass

This is a stained glass window inside the Brussels cathedral.
Stained Glass

Another stained glass window.
Stained Glass

Yet another stained glass window.
The Cathedral

This is the cathedral.
The Square

The local square was two blocks from the hotel.
Banana Head

I have no idea what this guy intended with his banana head.
A Steeple

This steeple was visible from near the hotel.
The Square

Another look at the square.
The Square

Another look at the square.
Mannekin Pis

Brussels' most famous statue, a little boy urinating.
The Square

A last look at the square.

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