A fountain

This fountain was outside Tycho Brahe's observatory.
The Round Tower

The Round Tower was another observatory in Copenhagen.
The Entrace to the Tower

The entrance to the tower.
Views from the tower

The views from the tower were sweet.

A clock was inside the tower.

Three swans graced this fountain.
A Danish King

One of Denmark's kings.
The National Palace

The side entrance to the national palace
The Danish Parliament

The entrance for the Danish parliament.
Elsinore Castle

Helsingor (Elsinore) Castle.
The Little Merman

There is a statue of a little merman in Helsingor.
A Tower of Elsinore

One of the Elsinore towers.
Ophelia at Helsingor

A statue of Ophelia at Helsingor station.
The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is Denmark's most famous statue.

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