Old Church

An old church near my hotel.
East Stable

The east stable for an older military fort.
Street View

A view down a street to the harbor.

A small park in eastern Stockholm.
Karlaplan Building

A building just off the park.
Reception Hall

The reception hall in the history museum.

A gate near the castle.
Gustavus Adolphus

A statue of Gustavus Adolphus.

The side of the ship Vasa.
Gun Ports

The gun ports. Vasa was a galleon during the thirty years war that sank one mile after launch. It was raised about 50 years ago, and is the best preserved ship of that era.
Vasa Head

At the head of the ship. Note the intricate carvings.

The rigging for the ship.
Profile of Vasa

Looking down the side of the ship.
Stern Decoration

The stern is highly decorated.
Arrow Slits

These galleries were for small arms combat.
Stern Decoration

The top decoration.

Looking down on the restored ship.

Crows nests.

The headsprite.

Small Castle

A small castle.
Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum from the harbor.
Stockholm Skyline

The Stockholm Skyline
Port Statue

A statue in the harbor.

Two owls fighting over a vole.
Red House

A red house near the Nobel Museum.
Yellow House

A yellow house near the Nobel Museum.
Green House

A green house near the Nobel Museum.
Daylight Skyline

The skyline in bright daylight.

The royal castle.

An obelisk.

The Storkyrkan.
Night in the City

Night falls in Stockholm.
Northern Sweden

Northern Sweden
Kiruna Station

Kiruna Station -- a popular skiing destination.

The Tornetrask is a large lake that we passed as we crossed the mountains into Norway.

At the summit of the mountains on the Norway-Sweden border, north of the Arctic Circle.

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