Images of California

These pictures were taken in the northeast, away from Tule Lake. The area includes Lassen National Park and Mount Shasta, and may later include the Lake Almador area and Susanville.

Bumpass Hell

The volcanism at Lassen.

October, 2002

Mount Shasta

This is Mount Shasta in mid-October, from the southeast.
McArthur Falls

McArthur-Burney Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in California.
McArthur Falls

Another look.
McArthur Falls

Another look.
McArthur Falls

Another look.
Mount Lassen

Mount Lassen and the devastated area.
Mount Lassen

Mount Lassen from the northeast.

August, 2011

Lake Helen

Lake Helen in August, at 8000 feet above sea level, still covered with ice.
Mount Lassen

Mount Lassen.
McArthur Burney Falls

McArthur Burney Falls from various viewpoints.

September, 2016

A gulch on the side of Lassen

A gulch from running water
Steam Vent

A steam vent -- thermal from a volcano
Mount Lassen

The view of Lassen from the southeast

A lake on Mt Lassen at 8000 feet

Crescent Moon Over Shasta

Moon Over Shasta

A last day (2-3%) moon over Shasgta, 40 minutes before sunrise, from Weed, CA

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