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When I visited Utah in 1992, I took a trip to Dinosaur National Monument. Parts of the monument are in Colorado, and I took these two pictures there.

The eight subsequent pictures were taken in December, 2001, during a trip to Black Canyon of the Gunnison, MesaVerde, and Great Sand Dunes.

Dinosaur Monument

The scenery of the monument was quite memorable.
Green River

The Green River flows down into the Colorado River.
Black Canyon of the Gunnison

The canyon has steep walls; it is very narrow.
Rock Spires

The erosion has carved these spires.
Mesa Verde

I visited this cliff dwelling.
Anasazi Cliff Dwelling

This one was harder to reach.

The Rockies from the west. You may see some sand dunes in front.
Great Sand Dunes

The dunes rise dramatically, but the mountains are even taller.

Dunes have dunes; the ripples in the sand are dunes in miniature.
The Rocky Mountains

The Rockies, when viewed from the plains heading West. When I moved to California, I flew over this.

Outbound Train, May 1, 2010

The Colorado River

The Colorado River as it enters Utah.
Red Rocks

The red rocks near the Colorado-Utah border.
Colorado River

The Colorado River west of Grand Junction.
Red Canyon

The Red Canyon walls.
Train Coupler

The coupler to join two train cars.
Steel Wheel

The steel wheel of the sleeper I was in. Can be noisy on curves!
Glenwood Springs

The view of Glenwood Springs.

It was snowing for a while, and this is roughly how it looked.
Red Canyon

More of the Red Canyon. One wonders how it got its name?
High Country

An Alpine meadow in the Rockies.
Lower Gore Canyon

Lower Gore Canyon was the first of several canyons.
High Country

More meadow!
Byers Canyon

Byers Canyon came next.
Colorado River

Rapids on the Colorado River.
Upper Gore Canyon

Upper Gore Canyon was the last canyon before Granby.
Colorado River

The river was calm before entering the canyon.

The area around Granby, another meadow.
Fraser Canyon

Fraser Canyon, the last canyon before the Continental Divide.
East Slope

The east face of the Rockies, greener, less rough.

The city of Denver as seen from the Rockies.

May 8, 2010: Return train trip

Rickies from Denver

The Rocky Mountains from Denver.
Rockes from the east

The snow caps from the distance are majestic.
The East Slope

This outcropping of rock was interesting.
Distant Snowcaps

More distant snowcaps as we climbed to the summit.
Mountains around Winter Park

Winter Park is the highest stop at over 9000 feet above sea level. Even so, there are mountains around it.
Upper Gore Canyon

Gore canyon was one of many through which we passed.
Colorado Canyons

The light was not as good, as it was cloudy/drizzling with rain for much of the day.
Red Canyon

The red canyon doesn't look quite so red in the shade.

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